How often do you find yourself saying things like…


“I’ve tried everything”

“My body must be broken”

“I can’t eat that”

“There’s no way this is going to work”


I get it because on my gut healing journey I said those things too…


Having digestive symptoms is exhausting, painful, and can feel like a never-ending cycle. But what if I told you one of the simplest ways to feel relief was to switch your mindset? 


  1. Here are 3 tips that will help you if you struggle with a healing mindset on your journey: Instead of thinking you “can’t”, you start to prioritize that you “can”. 


You can heal.

You can find relief.

You can focus on how much you hydrate today.

You can take time to chew thoroughly.


  1. Ditch the extremes: Another key ingredient to shifting your mindset is to ditch the extremes. Stop looking for a quick fix and look for sustainability. This can look like cutting out the restrictions, the plans that focus on supplements only or jumping from fad to fad. 


Think of it this way: Would you rather spend 6 months making slow consistent progress and never deal with symptoms again…..Or keep jumping from extreme to extreme?


  1. Start to find the silver lining in your journey, because there are many. And I get that it can seem impossible at the start (at least that’s how I felt), but the moment I started focusing on what I can do, can think, can try…I started to feel relief. 


Focusing on what hasn’t worked in the past, or even all of your past attempts, keeps you stuck in the past. And there is MORE to your journey! 


Take the information you have gained from your past experiences and apply the information you have learned to inform your next steps. 

Life after healing your gut is…

Saying YES to plans and no longer missing out.

Actually going out for dinner + LOVING it.

Not constantly thinking about symptoms.


Food and symptoms no longer need to control your life.  If you’re looking to ditch the extremes, identify the true sources of your symptoms, leverage your mindset and find sustainable relief, the gutTogether™️ program is for you. We are enrolling now for the fall and it’s the perfect time to get ahead of your digestive symptoms so that you can go into the holiday’s stress (and bloat) free!  Click here to apply!

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