For 20 years I struggled with my own digestive issues. I reached a point where I felt like I had tried everything.

I thought that maybe I just wasn’t “trying hard enough”… or that I was not disciplined enough… but that was so far from the truth.

The problem was that my lifestyle didn’t allow my body the opportunity to heal. I was the girl that had run 6 miles, cooked breakfast, and started my day before anyone else woke up.

I loved waking up and “seizing the day” but what I didn’t realize was that running every day, skipping out on sleep to maintain my routine, and constantly being on the go was actually my kryptonite.

Maybe you can relate to this. You are a high achiever, you can do it all, and you can maintain a level of busyness that no one else can.

It’s hard to slow down—trust me. I get it! It still doesn’t come easy to me, but it’s worth it!

Life doesn’t have to be busy, stressful, and exhausting all of the time. In fact, here’s what I have learned over the years…

  1. I can still be a high achiever and take care of myself. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone OR myself. Instead, I can embody what my mind and body need. Optimizing my health to show up confidently in all of my roles is what I desire. 
  2. It’s ok to be busy, but not at the expense of my health. Learning to say no and tuning back into what I really needed was key (and still is!). My go-go-go mentality can be beneficial, but so is listening to my body.
  3. Stepping back to get the support I needed, allowed my body to rest and do her thing! Giving my mind, body, and gut, a chance to repair allows me to step into each role confidently and symptom-free. 


When you are trying to control your symptoms, stressed about symptoms, and working against your body, resistance shows up. 

Your nervous system is more powerful than you think. And your gut isn’t afraid to point out that you need to SLOW DOWN. 

Whenever we have clients who just like me, feel like they have tried it all, I tell them that maybe it wasn’t the intervention that was the problem..maybe it was the environment that didn’t allow for the intervention to actually work. 

Freedom and openness come when you learn to work with your symptoms, understand your body, and practice self-compassion. So don’t get discouraged, my friend. 

You are on the right path to finding relief. 

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