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The Healthy, Happy Gut Cookbook

By Dr. Heather Finley, RD







I don’t remember a time…

Growing up when I wasn’t constipated.

I felt gross, bloated, and insecure.

Doctors couldn’t help, and the only solution was bland, boring food. Nobody should have to live like that.

And thanks to these recipes, I don’t! And neither will you.

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The Healthy, Happy Gut Cookbook

There’s nothing worse than struggling with gut symptoms. Whether its bloating, constipation, reflux or gas it can really impact your quality of life. But all hope is not lost.  If you have tried every possible elimination diet and continue to feel stuck with symptoms, then this book is for you! 
When you get clarity on your digestive symptoms and start to understand why you feel the way that you do, you can transform your life. This book will empower you to identify the true sources of your digestive symptoms. By the end you will enjoy food again.
Dr. Heather Finley struggled with her own digestive issues for nearly 20 years. Now she’s a registered dietitian and gut health specialist with a doctorate in clinical nutrition.
You will not just learn the actual causes of your symptoms but also the lifestyle, mindset and nutrition modifications to make. You will no longer have to eat bland, boring food. Break out that little black dress, your life is back!
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 In this chapter we will discuss common digestive complaints including painful gas, debilitating constipation or frequent diarrhea, how to resolve them, and how to prevent them from coming back.

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what your poop says about your symptoms

The color, shape, and even size of your poop says a lot about what is going on in your body. In this chapter, we are making the poop talk comfortable so that you can truly understand what signals your body is giving you.

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gut dysbiosis

Your gut is full of bacteria and as unique as a fingerprint. In fact, you have more bacteria than you do human cells. In this chapter we will discuss your gut bacteria, how to know that you have enough “good” bacteria, and what to do if you don’t!

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how you're eating

When you experience symptoms it’s easy to quickly think it is related to something you ate, but what if it was related to everything leading up to the meal instead? How you’re eating is a critical piece of digestion which we will discuss in this chapter.

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what you're eating

There’s nothing worse than being handed a long list of “what not to eat” for your digestive symptoms. Digestive health can be about abundance and not restriction. We’ll focus on what to ADD to your diet to improve your digestive symptoms.

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There is nothing better than being able to enjoy food and cook again. These recipes empower you to cook nourishing and easy meals that are packed with flavor, fiber and gut loving benefits – from breakfast dishes to biome bowls.

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Preordering this gut health cookbook (with proof of preorder) gives you access to exclusive bonus video content to support your gut health journey! Contact us with your order number and place of purchase to gain access.

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50+ Gut-Friendly Recipes


This list of recipes covers the bases to transform your gut health. Inside this healthy gut recipe book you’ll find:


Fiber-Fueled Breakfasts


Sips That Satisfy


Entrées Your Gut Enjoys


Biome Bowls


Bloat-Busting Recipes


Quick Fiber Fixes


Saucy Additions and Gut Loving Toppings


Sprouted Toppings


Fermented Flair

Dr. & Dietitian

About the Author

Dr. Heather Finley is a registered dietitian and gut health specialist. She helps people struggling with bloating, constipation, and IBS find relief from their symptoms and feel excited about food again.

Heather struggled with her own digestive issues for nearly 20 years and understands first hand the impact that nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset have on digestive health. Gut health shouldn’t be restrictive, stressful, and all-consuming. She developed the gutTogether® method to help individuals reduce digestive symptoms and add foods back into their diet.

Dr. Heather has a doctorate in clinical nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health.
Her work has been featured in Mind Body Green, Yahoo! Life, and Very Well Health.

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What the Readers Say


Dr. Heather is the go-to gut guru. Easy to follow steps and crazy delicious recipes.

Bobbi Brown, Jones Road Beauty

Delicious, gut healing recipes to create long lasting healing.

Casey Farlow, Registered Dietitian

An accessible approach that stresses inclusion- more plants, less stress. Stunning recipes and manageable shifts.

Phoebe Lapine, author of SIBO Made Simple and The Wellness Project

A much needed tool that bridges the gap to help you expand your diet and manage your gut symptoms.

Kaely McDevitt, Registered Dietitian

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What do I get if I preorder?

Preordering this book (with proof of preorder) gives you access to Dr. Heather’s online course (bloat free blueprint) completely free! 

What meals are good for gut health?

The key to a healthy and happy gut is variety on your plate. You might feel like right now you cannot tolerate variety, but this book will show you how! 

Will this help my gut health?

This book is designed to help you understand the actual causes of the symptoms you are experiencing and give you clear action steps on how to improve them. Your gut health will improve once you can identify the causes and know what action steps you need to take to heal. 

How do I improve the health of my gut?

You can improve the health of your gut by implementing sustainable changes to your lifestyle, diet and mindset. Don’t worry, we cover all of this in the Happy, Healthy Gut Cookbook

What foods help restore your gut?

We got you covered! There’s an entire section in the book that covers what foods improve digestive health and how to fiber fueled and gut friendly foods into your meals.

Are the recipes friendly for gluten-free or dairy-free diets?

Yes, each recipe is labeled for your convenience. We include gluten free, dairy free, fermented foods and vegan labels throughout the book. 

When will this book be available?

Save the date! If you preorder, you will have this book on December 20th, just in time for the holidays! Give the gift of gut health to yourself or someone else this Christmas!

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