Canceling plans, missing out on memories, and thinking about food and my symptoms 90% of the time was my reality before I healed my gut. 


Not to mention the mental space these thoughts took up. It made me feel like I didn’t have enough time or energy to do anything else in my life. 


Gut issues can be all-encompassing. They not only impact the obvious symptoms but can start to take a toll on energy, brain fog, hormones, etc


Our past client Liz joined gutTogether™️ because she was getting to the point where her digestive issues were starting to take a toll on every aspect of her life. 


She was constantly canceling plans, felt debilitated by travel, and realized that she could not continue to live this way. Time was her most valuable resource and it was slipping through her fingers… Can you relate?


She wanted to address the true sources of her digestive symptoms and make sustainable changes so that she could find long-term relief. She was done with the quick fixes that only worked for 2 weeks. She wanted to feel good FOR GOOD!


And now after getting to the root cause of not only my digestive symptoms, but Liz’s too, life feels easy.


Now our reality is saying yes to plans, actually going on the trip, and having our GI symptoms at the back of our brain. And if you desire this too, it starts with YOU believing that you can indeed find relief.


Here are 3 mindset shifts to get your healing journey started. If you have said….

  1. “I have tried everything and nothing is going to help” remind yourself that there isn’t a magic cure. However, when you choose to show up for yourself daily you open up the doors to finding relief. 
  2. “My life is too busy to focus on getting better” shift your mindset to embody comfort and health as a priority. When you make yourself a priority, you can show up fully and authentically for others.
  3. “Of course, I’m bloated today. I’m always bloated when I have to go somewhere” remind yourself that you can’t control your bloating today, but you can control your stress. 


So if you are on the side of struggling with your gut, I hope you take THIS away from reading: Transformation is possible for you. 


Mindset is a huge part of the work that we do with our clients because it MATTERS. You can get on the same team with your body again and transform your digestive symptoms from the inside out by identifying your root causes. 


This is your invitation to apply to the gutTogether™️ program. We would be honored to support you on your journey to transforming your gut health from the inside out. Click here to learn more!

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