There’s nothing worse than not knowing why you are experiencing your digestive symptoms. It’s like trying to figure out why your car won’t start but not knowing anything about cars or mechanics. The possibilities are endless, but you feel stuck, and now you are stranded with no way to get home.

The reason you feel frustrated with your symptoms could be because you actually don’t know WHY you are bloated. Identifying the root cause behind your symptoms sets you up for lifelong relief.

Take it from Liz, a client who had been struggling with painful digestive issues and thought she was on the right track to finding long-term relief. In fact, she finally got an appointment at a world-renowned clinic because none of her doctors could resolve her constipation.

She waited 4 weeks for her appointment and literally left with a “just take Miralax” recommendation and a $25k bill…

The frustration behind the symptoms is something we see with our clients all the time. They have been diagnosed with IBS or SIBO, been given antibiotics and/or an elimination diet, and then sent on their merry way only to continue to have recurring symptom flares that leave them feeling frustrated and hopeless.

But here is the reality: Getting an IBS diagnosis and being handed antibiotics and a handout doesn’t give you the clarity that you need to navigate your symptoms long-term.

It’s hard to differentiate what actually benefits your body individually. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all diet, you are a unique human with different digestive needs!

Although you might find relief short term you no longer want to ride the wave of symptoms continuing to resurface. You’re a busy, high-achieving gal with tons of other things to focus on in life.

So if you resonate with what I am sharing, here’s what I want you to know:

  • Long-term relief from your bloating is POSSIBLE once you identify the true causes of the bloating
  • Some true causes could include slow motility, dysbiosis, low stomach acid, STRESS of all kinds, etc!
  • You can identify these root causes by looking at patterns in your symptoms, your medical history and symptom presentation (did you know that even WHEN you bloat tells us a lot about WHY!), advanced testing, and more! 

I also want to normalize the emotions that come with experiencing digestive issues and pain because it’s normal to have emotions around your consumption. Especially when society pushes diet and wellness on us.

What isn’t talked about is how important your mindset around food is. We can’t solely focus on the nutritional value of food. Yup, I’m saying this as a gut-health dietician!

Looking for the root cause is truly a MINDSET shift. You are no longer that ‘quick fix’, but a SOLUTION that can fit into your lifestyle for the long run. When you take this approach, you get off of the rollercoaster of experiencing the intensity of your symptoms and choose to go down the path of real healing.

Here are FOUR ways to reframe your mindset around gut health:

👉🏻 rewrite the story
Instead of buying into the limiting belief of “I’ll never find relief”, remind yourself that every time you take a step, even a small one, towards healing your gut, you are creating a sustainable path.

Try this affirmation to keep your mindset on the positive side:
“I get closer to finding relief every day” 

👉🏻 reframe the why
Do you find yourself asking “why me?” or questioning why you got unlucky with these symptoms? Try reminding yourself that you’ve been living in a “quick fix” world.

Sustainably relieving your digestive issues isn’t always a one-size-fits-all approach. Your body is unique and so are your digestive needs. Stay committed to finding your rhythm on this journey.

👉🏻 focus on the truth
Here’s the hard truth: If you have always taken extreme approaches to your health and never found the root cause, you won’t understand why you have symptoms.

Focus on what steps you can take to uncover the truth about your digestive health. Doing this allows you to heal and stay healed for the long run.

👉🏻 take sustainable action
If you desire long lasting results, stay committed to make small shifts each week. When you create attainable goals for yourself, you release the stress and urgency around the speed of wanting to feel healed. With each shift you make, remind yourself of the empowerment you are creating for your mind and body.

You deserve to be on this journey and you can do it!

This is what we do for the women inside of gutTogether™️. We utilize a root cause, functional medicine-based approach to identify their unique root causes, develop custom nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle plan to empower them to find relief, and give them the freedom to get back to what really matters in life.

If you are ready to get started in identifying your root causes you can take this free quiz. After you receive your results you will receive more information about your specific root causes and the specific action steps you can take.

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Why are you bloated?