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We address digestive function holistically. While you won’t find elimination diets or meal plans here, what we do share is a variety of tools that address the many influences of digestive issues.  

You don’t need to implement everything, simply choose a couple of things that feel right for you and your lifestyle, and apply them slowly. Because it’s the small shifts that can make such a huge difference. Snuggle up and get comfy, we’re sure you’ll love it here.


Gut Health Beyond Food

Gut Health Beyond Food

I’ll be honest with you: It took me WAY too long to realize this when I was on my own journey, but gut health goes beyond what you eat. Improving your gut health also includes optimizing the little moments each day and making lifestyle shifts that will support your...

Ep. 16: 3 Causes of slow gut motility

Ep. 16: 3 Causes of slow gut motility

Are you struggling with slow gut motility? Slow gut motility is a common struggle, and not nearly normalized enough. If you’ve experienced lumpy, hard stool, or your bowel movements feel as though there must be more, you’ve struggled with slow gut motility. In this...

Gut Health At A Barbeque

Gut Health At A Barbeque

 : : It's that time of the year. Everyone is firing up the grills and spending the afternoon by the pool. And for many, it can be a time of added stress (especially with gut issues). You might be worried about the food, being in a bathing suit, or any of the other...

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