There are literally HUNDREDS of reasons why you could be constipated!!


And let’s get real…it sucks! Let’s stop playing guessing games and find out WHY you’re experiencing constipation. 


You might be experiencing some of these symptoms: 

→ Having smelly and embarrassing gas

→ Feeling like when you do poop, there’s more that could come out. You never feel empty.

→ You experience frequent abdominal pain and cramping.

→ You strain for bowel movements only to have a pebble come out

→ Your stool is hard and lumpy.


Some of the factors that could be contributing to your constipation are: 

  •  Dehydration. Your colon is a muscle and it needs water just like the rest. Most of our clients need 80-100 oz which is WAY more water than they think and they also need electrolytes!
  • Not getting enough OR too much exercise: moving your body can help move your gut so long as it’s not adding more stress and causing exhaustion! Practice gentle exercise after meals (like a walk around the block) to help get your bowel moving.
  • Not consuming enough OR too little fiber. Most Americans get less than half of their daily fiber intake which can greatly contribute to constipation….but eating too much fiber too quickly (and with too little water will back you up even more!) Eating food rich in fiber can help soften your stool. (remember “low and slow is the motto.”)
  • Changes in routine: Major changes in our daily routines and unmanaged stress can contribute to symptoms of constipation.


There are countless reasons why you could be constipated. It’s imperative to understand that symptoms may show up differently in your body than in someone else’s, so what works for someone might not be the best thing for you.


But let’s dive into fiber. Adding fiber to your diet doesn’t have to be complicated. I often get the question in my DMs: “what diet do you recommend for gut health?”


The answer?


The one that gives you the least amount of symptoms with the widest variety of foods (and that allows you the have pleasurable food experiences like eating out traveling, etc)


It’s possible to eat more variety when you address the underlying issues that are contributing to your symptoms…because if you can’t tolerate a wide variety of foods that shows us there’s an underlying GUT issue


When you slowly are able to improve your fiber intake you will improve:

  • Your bowel movements
  • Your energy
  • Your blood sugar balance
  • Your overall health


If you struggle with fiber start LOW and go slow! Start with 1/3-1/4 of the servings recommended here as your body adapts


REMEMBER: your gut is a muscle and can be trained over time! If you are stuck on what type of fiber-rich meal you can make, steal my breakfast recipe!


This recipe is super flexible but adding some other fiber-filled goodies to your oatmeal along with some protein and fat can really set your day (and digestion)  up for success!



1/4 c dry oats (I use sprouted oats for easier digestibility like the @onedegreeorganics ones)

2T chia seeds for added fiber and fat

1 scoop of collagen protein (like @vitalproteins)— I use collagen so it doesn’t change the taste of my oats!

1 kiwi sliced on top


And be sure to explore other yummy additions like, cinnamon, honey or maple syrup, nut butter, or hemp seeds. 


Improving constipation doesn’t have to be challenging especially when you think about what you can ADD to your meals instead of what you need to avoid.


If you need more specific guidance on your gut health, want to identify the root cause and want to expand your diet beyond the 5 foods you currently eat, apply for a limited slot in gutTogether™️. Click here to explore more!

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