Let me ask you a question: Have you ever done a food sensitivity test and found you reacted to all your favorite foods? 


Nothing else feels like a stab in the heart than cutting out those feel-good foods, and to continue to feel sad each time you eat can make you regret taking the test in the first place…


What if I told you that limiting your plate wasn’t the answer? In fact, a limited diet isn’t the way to go. The reason you have a million food sensitivities and tons of symptoms is not because of the food. 


It’s because of your gut. 


When you complete a food sensitivity test and react to all of your favorite foods this is showing us that there is an immune response going on in the gut. The more permeable and stressed your gut is, the more food sensitivities you will have. The more food sensitivities you have, the more symptoms you have. This cycle can get vicious and continue to repeat. 


It’s one thing to go on an elimination diet and feel great for 2 weeks, or take antibiotics for your gut and feel amazing…but the reason your symptoms keep coming back is that you haven’t truly gotten to the root of it. 


It’s like trying to fertilize your lawn without realizing why your grass isn’t actually growing.


When we address the underlying gut issue you can transform your gut symptoms FOR GOOD while still enjoying the foods you love without the stress and the symptoms. 


 So here’s the truth I wish you heard more:

  • Expanding your diet is key, not limiting it. We know from research that the key to a healthy and happy gut is diversity (in fact, research shows that 30 plants a week is the goal!)
  • Addressing the root cause is how you heal your gut for good. Sustainable and long-term relief is the goal!
  • Decreasing stress in your life and around food is an incredible aspect of finding relief. 


So no, don’t feel guilty about the feelings behind your sensitivity test results, or the diets you have tried to hopefully heal your gut.  I have been in your shoes and have felt the defeat of being overwhelmed with what my next step should be. 


Luckily it doesn’t have to be this way! High-achieving women just like you have been able to reclaim their health, find relief from gut symptoms and improve productivity and performance by honing in on the underlying gut issues that are impacting their focus.


Remember what I said about finding the root? It truly changes the game! Because when you know why your symptoms occur, you can make the changes necessary. 


And fortunately, this doesn’t mean dieting a certain way or eliminating all of your favorite foods!


If you want a personalized plan to help you address your digestive issues and find relief long-term so that you can think clearly again and get your vibrancy back, click here to learn more about my program, gutTogether!

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