One of the most common questions I receive is, “I treated my SIBO, but I am still bloated! How can this be?”…

I sense the frustration and their mindset wavering towards doubting that they will ever relieve this symptom. 


The reason(s) you are bloated could be complicated. It oftentimes will take some deep digging and investigation to get to the bottom of this. Unfortunately, quick fixes are just that- a quick fix. It is not sustainable, nor is it for the long run. 

I know it is frustrating to be dealing with these symptoms. I have been in your shoes.

It takes away from your life and ability to show up each day with full energy, confidence, and focus. When you hear the words, “just eat more fiber” or “take more miralax” it only adds to this frustration. Here’s a hard truth: Your doctor might not be telling you the full story. 


Here’s what I mean: If your doctor has recommended the LOW FODMAP diet, it is meant to be a temporary elimination. Not a long-term solution. Because the longer you restrict your diet, the lower the bacterial diversity in your gut. 

And the “eat more fiber” recommendation might be making your bloat worse. Increasing fiber when you have gut dysbiosis can be extremely uncomfortable. And if the miralax doesn’t work for you, it’s not a sign to take more, but rather that you need to explore slow gut motility. Improving your gut motility will improve bloating, constipation, and SIBO recurrence, 


Digestive health is like a symphony. If one thing is off nothing else functions correctly. So let’s dive into 3 reasons why you are still bloated:

  • SIBO is a symptom of a bigger issue: SIBO is a sign that there is a bigger issue “under the hood”. You need to address the bigger issue to find relief (AKA what caused SIBO in the first place). Underlying issues could include: Large intestinal dysbiosis, slow gut motility, low stomach acid, stress, etc. 
  • Your diet is too restricted: Ultimately the goal of gut health is variety in the diet to produce a variety in the gut. Staying on a “SIBO diet” like LOW FODMAP or the bi-phasic to manage symptoms is not a good long-term solution. In fact, it will worsen your symptoms over time. 
  • You’re too focused on “killing” versus restoring:Treating SIBO shouldn’t just involve taking antibiotics and herbs to “kill” it. Anytime you do this, you are disrupting your gut microbiota balance. It is just as important to support your gut through a repair and support phase. Symptoms don’t always mean you need to continue to “kill” bacteria. 

Instead of feeling like you need to jump on a new diet, detox, or antibiotic, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. When you address your SIBO (or any digestive symptom) with an investigative lens, you can identify the root cause, which leads you to sustainable and long-term relief. 

This means you no longer have to keep riding the rollercoaster of uncertainty if you can heal, because you CAN and WILL heal. 


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Why are you bloated?