I’ll be honest with you: It took me WAY too long to realize this when I was on my own journey, but gut health goes beyond what you eat.

Improving your gut health also includes optimizing the little moments each day and making lifestyle shifts that will support your gut long term.

Experiencing ongoing and painful symptoms is frustrating. So let’s normalize the emotions that come with that. But let’s also normalize simplicity in healing. 

Bloating should be an extremely rare exception, not your everyday experience. And when it is more than an occasional experience, it can start to impact you mentally in addition to physically. 

Remember that your body craves optimal health and wellness, so when you start to incorporate practices into your day that allow you to heal, tune into your body, AND feel relaxed while doing it, that is a WIN!


What if the missing piece to your digestive puzzle wasn’t the supplement, the exclusion of foods, the discipline you think you need to have….And was instead the belief that you indeed do have the ability for your body to transform and heal?

I went from “Heather, the girl with digestive issues” to “Heather, the woman who is fully empowered in her body” by allowing myself to root in the belief I deserved to feel relief. 


So here are 3 things that I do daily to help my mind + body + gut: 

1. Morning sunshine

This is a simple, yet powerful practice! Getting your eyes in the sun early in the morning tells your body it is time to be AWAKE! When your body is awake, so is your gut. Optimize your circadian rhythm and your digestive health by getting outside for 10-15 minutes, early in the morning

2. Walking

Even if just for 10-15 minutes, walking is a powerful practice that can also transform your gut health. Walking stimulates bile flow, and gut motility and can get things moving.

3. Check-in with your nervous system

Your stress and your nervous system health GREATLY impact your digestive health. This is probably the MOST MISSED piece for many of our clients that feel they have “tried everything”. Check in with your nervous system by setting silent phone alarms to go off every couple of hours. You can attach an affirmation to it too! If you’re feeling stressed, do something to reduce it.


Leveraging lifestyle shifts is something very powerful and essential to your journey. 

This transformation is possible for you, just as it has been for the hundreds of women my team and I have guided through their gut-health journeys.

 If you desire nutrition recommendations, supplement protocols, to uncover the missing puzzle piece to your healing journey, AND be fully supported along the way, I invite you to join gutTogther. Click here to learn more!

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