Gut Groupie Gift Guide 2020

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This shouldn’t be a surprise, but this is my favorite kind of “recommendations” guide to make – a curated collection of my personal favorites, many of which are especially gut-friendly! Perfect for anyone on your list, or to gift yourself… everyone deserves some extra self-love after the year we’ve had!

I included a wide variety of items and made sure there were options to fit any budget.

I’ve linked all of the items below, along with any discount codes or special offers I could round up for you. Happy shopping!

Green Pans – obsessed with the 12-inch fry pan and the non-stick wok.

Thrive Market membership – sign up using this link

Mountain Rose Herbs – love their Grilling Herbs and Happy Tummy Tea.

Roots Apothecary – specifically the Muscle Rub. Use coupon code HEATHER for 15% off!

2 Minute Mornings journal

Squatty Potty

Simple Modern Water Bottle – I use the Summit Water Bottle with Straw Lid. Free shipping on US orders $25+!

Naturopathica skincare – love their Lavender Moisturizer.

Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak20% off your first order; free US shipping on orders $50+!

Nerva app subscription

Instacart subscription – sign up using this link

Four Sigmatic products – huge fan of the Matcha with Lion’s Mane.

Uplift Food Gut Happy Cookies – fave flavor is Sunflower Butter with Vanilla and Chia. Use code DRHEATHER5 for $5 off your order!

OlipopGinger Lemon flavor, all the way! Use code GUTBRAIN20 for 20% off your first order + free shipping!

Hu Kitchen chocolate – their salted dark chocolate is a must.

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