Why Supplements Alone Don’t Work for Constipation Relief

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If you have ever remodeled or built a house, you know how tedious and (sometimes) arduous the process can be. You embark on the exciting journey of updating your home and you are excited for the outcome, often without thinking about all the little details that go into the process. You know the colors, vibe and maybe even furniture you want to purchase, but you haven’t thought about the water lines, the electrical, or the things under the surface that you don’t see. So, why am I talking about remodeling a house when this blog is about gut health? Because the processes are actually very similar. Before you get the shiny outcome (constipation relief, bloat relief, etc), you have to metaphorically lay the foundation, wire the electrical, install the plumbing and pack the insulation. When dealing with gut issues like bloat and constipation, it’s easy to forget the daily habits that help you build a solid foundation and consistent symptom relief. In our same-day-delivery culture, we tend to expect that symptom relief comes right away or that the next quick fix will be the solution to your problems. But, so often, clients join our gutTogether program having jumped from one quick fix to the next. They rely on supplements alone and feel frustrated that they are still bloated. Supplements are meant to do just that – supplement everything else you are doing to support your digestive health. That is why the gutTogether program uses this hierarchy of gut health to prioritize the things that really matter for gut health. You cannot out-supplement poor sleep habits, poor stress management, or lack of hydration. But, it doesn’t have to be complicated, either. Start with one habit at a time and slowly “stack” habits on top of each other. Many of our clients build their gut health foundations by focusing on habits to support their hydration, sleep, meal hygiene and stress management. They find that these things alone take them farther than they ever got when just relying on supplements. Save this graphic so that the next time you feel frustrated by your symptoms, you can remind yourself to lay a solid foundation first and that symptom relief will come with consistency and time.
Need help laying that foundation? Apply for our gutTogether program – my team and I would love to support you on your journey to relief, and make the process efficient, personalized, and sustainable!

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