The #1 Reason You’re Still Bloated

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If you’ve been around here for a bit, you know that the only way to improve your bloat long-term is to identify what is causing it in the first place. No idea what this means? Check out this Instagram post where I talk more about it!

If you are getting desperate to find relief from your bloat, you should know that step one of my proven framework is to identify WHAT your triggers are! If we don’t know what is causing your bloat in the first place… it can feel really frustrating to try countless things and still not manage it directly. I tell my clients: it feels like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks! 

In my career as a Registered Dietitian, the biggest thing that I see holding women back from digestive relief is being confused about why they feel the way they do! Because, like I mentioned above, if we don’t know the why, we can’t know the how. If you don’t know the why, it’s very hard to remain consistent with the day-to-day habits that are foundational for gut health (like sleep, stress management, and hydration). Maybe you are overwhelming yourself with all the changes at once, and it’s so overwhelming that it’s hard to stay consistent?

Before joining my program, many of my Gut Groupie clients tried various elimination diets and supplements and never remained consistent with anything because they didn’t know what they should actually be doing. They’d end up frustrated with the lack of progress, because they just hopped from one thing to the next!  Let’s be real: I get it, there’s a LOT of information out there! 

I used the word consistent because even though you may be doing some of the “right” things, if you’re not remaining consistent with these things, you are going to feel frustrated. The first step to remaining consistent is knowing WHAT you need to do!

This is actually why I’m not a big fan of changing everything at once… I have my Gut Groupies start with ONE habit at a time in order to decrease overwhelm and stay consistent. That way, we can see how their bodies respond when being consistent with simple daily things that can improve digestive health.

Instead of trying an elimination diet, loads of supplements AND doing everything at once, start with one consistent habit such as: 

– Getting 8 hours of sleep per night

-15 minutes of stress management daily

-100 oz of water daily

If you are still having symptoms after nailing your day-to-day habits, digging deeper into what else is going on (like dysbiosis, low stomach acid, digestive insufficiencies) will be SO much easier because you have already built a solid foundation! 

Simply put:don’t put the cart before the horse! Nail down the daily habits like sleep, water and stress management, THEN work on identifying the other triggers that are contributing to your symptoms. Consistency is key, Gut Groupie!

PS – if you’re ready to make 2021 the year you finally find relief from your bloat and constipation, take a look at my proven GutTogether framework and method. It can give you much-needed clarity on WHY you feel the way you do, and the support you need to find long-term relief.

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