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Dr. Heather Finley is a nationally recognized specialist in gut health and specifically the gut-brain connection. She is an author, speaker, and founder of The gutTogether® Method.

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The work you’re doing is important and your company won’t be able to do it if they’re not in good health.

In the fast-paced landscape of today’s corporate world, the importance of employee well-being cannot be overstated. Your team is the heartbeat of your company, driving its success and accomplishments. Yet, the stark reality is that unmotivated and unproductive employees are silently costing your organization not just in terms of lost productivity but also in dollars. The toll of absenteeism, reduced efficiency, and the revolving door of employee turnover can accumulate into a significant financial burden. It’s a challenge that can’t be ignored. The work your team is doing is crucial, and their ability to excel is intrinsically tied to their health. That’s where gutTogether at Work steps in as the solution. We understand the intricacies of corporate wellness, and our programs are crafted to not only enhance individual well-being but to transform your team into a powerhouse of productivity, reduce turnover rates, and cultivate a thriving culture that propels your company forward.

Heather’s Story…

For two decades, I battled chronic constipation, a condition that profoundly disrupted my hormonal balance, focus, and social life.

My quest for a solution led me to numerous doctors who, frustratingly, dismissed my symptoms with the commonplace advice to ‘increase fiber intake’ and the assurance that nothing was amiss. However, I was unwavering in my determination to regain my health.

The pivotal moment came after the loss of my father to colon cancer. This tragedy fueled my commitment to delve deep into the realm of digestive health, driven by a dual purpose: to heal myself and extend that healing to others.

While earning my doctorate in clinical nutrition, the pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place. My comprehensive study of the intricate gut-brain connection, combined with the successful implementation of strategies that revitalized my digestive health, laid the foundation for a broader mission. The gutTogether® program was developed. 

Over the years, this program has made a profound impact, aiding over a thousand women in reclaiming their lives from gastrointestinal discomfort through my proven methodology. My work has been recognized and featured in publications such as Mind Body Green, Yahoo Health, Forbes Health, and other nationally acclaimed platforms. I’m also the author of the celebrated Healthy Happy Gut Cookbook and the host of the Love Your Gut podcast.


My dedication to the cause has resulted in the creation of additional transformative initiatives: the gutPractitioner program and gutTogether at Work. These platforms expand the reach and impact of the gutTogether® mission, making digestive wellness accessible to all.

My personal journey from struggle to professional authority has empowered me to guide others toward optimal digestive health. 

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Dr. Heather Finley

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gutPractitioner™ Program


A 4-month, deep dive mastermind for Registered Dietitians and health professionals to acquire the skills.


Live, interactive calls to help you solidify the information


Access to a library of protocols and resources


40+ CPE’s for Registered Dietitians


Chat support between calls for questions and cases

Dr. Heather Finley

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Regardless of whether your audience has a sound understanding of gut health or are complete novices, I’ll bring them a refreshing perspective and get them to think differently about digestive health.

Working with Heather is Simple

The work you’re doing is important and your company won’t be able to do it if they’re not in good health.

Step 1: Book a Discovery Call

Let’s jump on a 20-minute call to discus the current struggles in your organization and how we can overcome them together

Step 2: Start with gutTogether at work

Provide your organization and employees with the information and tools they need to banish brain fog, balance hormones, and supercharge energy levels for peak performance.

Step 3: Happy, Productive Employees

Foster an organization that has happy, productive employees and improve your bottom line.

“Heather’s program saved my life, and this is not an overstatement! My symptoms were very bad, and used to have huge consequences on my well-being, social life and professional life. I was constipated AND obsessing over it 24/7. With the program, I finally had a real diagnosis, and my symptoms decreased. Now I’m rarely constipated or bloated; and when I am, I know why, and have all the tools to get rid of it. For the first time in 10 years I’m living a normal life, enjoying the little things without anxiety about my health; meeting friends without obsessing about my symptoms; being efficient at work; I even got rid of my eating disorders and addictive behaviors, because I’m feeling so well!”

– Alexandra B.

“Having regular BMs is such a relief! I had chronic constipation – was going once every 10 days or so. When I asked doctors, they said it was normal. I was bloated after many meals and just uncomfortably full even if sometimes I didn’t eat a lot. gutTogether is so thorough and we looked at all possible causes, not just temporary symptom relief. I was able to relate my symptoms to things I never would have thought of – like stress!”

Kaylin Z.

“After working with Heather, my symptoms have improved greatly. I was suffering from ongoing bloat, constipation, stomach pain, digestion issues and SIBO due to antibiotic overuse. I’ve been battling these symptoms for years now. I’ve tried different diets including low fodmap, removing known irritants, all types of supplements from vitamins, powders, bitters and a round of expensive antibiotics specially for SIBO with some progress, but nothing significant

– Maria B.

Are you ready to change the way you approach your own – or your clients’ – gut health… and finally fix the issues, for good?

Why are you bloated?